Unit is our main core value and it is one of the strongest prayers that our Lord Jesus Christ prayed for His discicples that they may be one as He is with the Father and the Holy spirit.

We belive that in this end time, the only solution to the challenges the body of Christ is facing is Unity.

And this being the main core, we make sure all activities planned by all programs this core thing is taken under consideration. Under all activities in prayer program we want to see unity so that it is in all other activities.

When anything or anyone is elevated to the level of Jesus, unity is destroyed
The “One Lord” in Ephesians 4:5 teaches us the uniqueness and distinctiveness of Jesus above all for salvation and the unity of the body.

Gospel Teaching about Cooperation and Fellowship in Works of Service
The spirit or attitude of unity in a congregation should manifest itself in members working together, sharing the work load, serving one another.

Congregations need a spirit of cooperation in which members are committed to participating in the work. This includes work done outside the assemblies, but most of the opportunities to participate in church work will directly or indirectly involve church meetings.

God has a pattern for Christians to participate in a local church. Those who have a sense of unity and oneness with other faithful Christians will want to share or have fellowship in the work. They see the need to serve others by using their abilities to help one another and accomplish the goals of the local church.