Economic empowerment

we believe in our God Ordained mandate to have dominion in the earth. The word dominion means to have control over. GOYIFA takes our Lord’s command in Luke 19:13, to “occupy till I come,” seriously. While we wait with great expectation for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we are mindful of our obligation to everyday while still on earth to spread our influence as God’s children by making a financial and economic impact.

This is the program that brings together messengers of the gospel with the business men and women with the proffesionals on a common goal of uplifting the standards of living of our people / generation.

Here we typically get into business and making profits to be able to sustain the organization because it takes a lot of finances to sustain all the activities in all the programs.

The program leader here must be professional. He/She must be ready to find all possible ways to raise funds. This person is directly in charge of all the Goyifa products.

We are also intending to open up credit scheme, a penson scheme for our pastors and leaders to have a retirement benefit. (The scheme shall be called the living savers or Bank as we grow)

By being successful entrepreneurs new businesses will be created in the community ensuring financial success in the home and community that is independent from government assistance.