Touching Nations

To help those in need achieve their true destiny in God and to see our communities transformed for His glory.

Creating Opportunities

You don't give a handout, you give people a way out — to a life of purpose!

Changing Lives

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are? "Theodore Rooservelt"

Build an international family of ministers, business and professional people with a purpose of working together to fulfill the great commission.
Creating opportunities for ministers both Christian business people and professionals from different cities and Nations to network, sharpen each other and expand access to open doors making it easy to advance the Kingdom of God.
1. To organize summits and conferences in different cities and Nations with the aim of reviving ministers for the great commission.
2. To promote and connect for ministry exchange programs among National and international ministers for evangelism and other godly purposes.
3. To create awareness to the governments about the role of the Church in peace and development of the country.
4. To develop strategies of economical advancement among ministers, by putting up income generating projects.
5. To mold professionals to attain an integral soul and heart destined for higher standards of accountability for the purposes of peace and development.

Statement of faith

We believe in the Holy Scriptures as originally given by God, divinely inspired, infallible, and entirely trustworthy; and the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct…

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Expert Instructors

Usage of the Internet is becoming more common due to rapid advancement of technology and power.


Usage of the Internet is becoming more common due to rapid advancement of technology and power.

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